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Nocturnex is a ‘first of its kind’ business development company offering international standards of growth and strategy to businesses across North America.

In 2018, $476 Billion Dollars have already been invested by the US into Research and Development.

Nocturnex will set new benchmarks for brands and businesses by bringing forth the optimization of consumer awareness and strategic commercial structure. This aims to trail-blaze brands and set new standards of growth and efficiency for businesses across the nation.



research and development


Research and Development (R&D) plays a crucial role in the growth and success of a brand or business. R&D refers to the measures a business takes towards the innovation, proposal, and advancement of its product and processes.

There is no doubt regarding the pivotal role of technology in the shaping of business through human interaction and communication.

The importance of identifying a consumer base and their needs is necessary and is the first step towards developing a sustainable business or brand. Not only do these analytics help a business communicate with its direct consumers, they also help save on capital budgets and outreach expenses.

Utilizing the most updated approach towards mobile advertising technology, reach and influence your potential clientele based on their location and mobile engagement behaviors. Mobile advertising is an extremely effective method that allows you to focus on and display your ads only to the demographic that you want to reach. 


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Thousands of dollars and millions of impressions are wasted daily on advertising that does not reach the right consumers.

Utilizing our platform will allow your business to spend its outreach budget in a calculated and strategic method. 

The plan is to downsize your annual marketing investments while maximizing the ROI potential. 




Business Growth Strategy & Solution

Social Media Activation & Reach


Proximity Marketing

Lead Generation

B2B Advertising

Commercial & Video Production

Transit Media

Mall Advertising

Mail Advertising

Billboard Advertising


Learn a marketing plan and strategy that is unique to your business. A plan that maximizes your influence on potential customers.

Our team of experienced buyers and planners will give you the step by step guidance and directions that allow your business to maximize revenue and market share. Every business under a Nocturnex campaign is assigned a unique plan and strategy. Each has one goal in common: To influence the right audience, eliminate wasted marketing efforts, and increase ROI potential.    


Rebuild your brand

Don’t have a working website or want to re-brand? Let our team of specialized business consultants and web developers propel your business forward.

Digital advertising


Fully managed programmatic advertising campaigns.

Drive store visits, calls, texts & form fills for your business.

Guaranteed Facebook reach, proof of performance and ROI reporting.

Businesses do not want impressions and clicks. they want phone calls, store visits, and ROI.

With the Nocturnex approach on Digital Advertising, our clients get a monthly report of real-world conversions like store visits and phone calls.

By combining that with cutting-edge search, social, and display advertising technologies,

“We only offer perfected and studied solutions at Nocturnex.”

(Omar Alseginy)

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